Personal  photos

I'm an amateur photographer, ignorant of technique.

My camera is a modest thing.

My aim is to suggest essence.

Some recent snaps:

Limehouse Ontario - Pond  - October 2010

Cambridge England - Punts on Cam  - 2010

Grand River Ontario - Pylons  - 2010

Adirondacks - Moss  - 2010

Monterrey California - Coast  - 2010

Ottawa Ontario - Spring  - 2008

Ottawa Ontario Early spring  - 2009

Ancestral photos 

Jessie MacKinnon with cousin Jack holding Jessie's brother Archie Malcolm MacKinnon, family farm near Hillsburgh Ontario, 1917

Chester MacKinnon, his brother Percy, and their father Malcolm (standing), Bess McDowell, Mary (Percy's wife), Mary Thomson MacKinnon and Dan - 1917

MacKinnon clan, Hillsburgh Ontario, 1917 - Chester and Ella MacKinnon are at the top; then Bess McDowell (who married Chester three years later), Percy's wife Mary (with her hand to her face), Mary Thomson MacKinnon and husband Malcolm, with Dan MacKinnon in front

Malcolm and Mary Thomson MacKinnon - 50th wedding anniversary, 1917