Among sloth
Canadian Alliance jumbled

Whenever one despairs at the lack of intelligence and imagination among Liberal, PC and NDP party members, one has only to observe the Canadian Alliance party in action to understand that things could be worse.

The Alliance’s best thinking has led it to conclude that our fair nation would be better served by disencumbering Ottawa of many of its (already tenuous) powers, by having fewer people in study and exchange programs and more people in prison, by banning or burning suspect books (Pale Fire in flames!), and by dismantling the CBC.

A party as jumbled (shall we say) in its thinking as the Canadian Alliance appears to be well suited to anagram treatment. To wit:

Alliance party All yap (certain)

Panacea, I'll try

Aryan talc pile
Stockwell Day Sly at wedlock

Well, tacky sod
Preston Manning Onan's grin, ten p.m.

Sinner gnat, no PM
Inky Mark A Mr. Kinky

Mr. Ink Yak
Thomas Long Among sloth

Man's hog lot
Deborah Grey Be dreary, hog

Drab grey hoe
Alliance views on culture Venereal lawsuit council
Personal watercraft Ancestral power fart

Needless to say, no character traits are intended or implied in these anagrams, even if such inferences are, in fact, supported by Biblical scripture.

This text may be copied. Please give credit (if that's the word) to Jamie MacKinnon.